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Here are two of our recent events.

Campaigns and Events


Our first Good Life Project for 2019 is to send school backpacks to Pakistan.

The aim is to remind our girls and families to appreciate the numerous bounties we have been blessed with. We will do this by preparing, donating and shipping filled school bags to underprivileged, orphaned and displaced children living in villages in Pakistan. These gifts will arrive in time for Eid ul Fitr celebration and help prepare the children for the start of the school year in Pakistan.

Mercy Wings and Al Siraat College are managing this project and we will contribute to it inshallah.

So let's make this a whole community project and start collecting items today? 


Our event is Mother & Daughters Harmony Day on March 30th.

The girls will help plan the event and take part in the presentation. There will be door prizes, presentations, talks and games and a cooking competition. It is a women's event and is open to the public.

Volunteers are welcome.



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