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                       Here is a brief story about who we are and what we do, 
                                and hopefully, it will be of benefit to you!
Hello and welcome to the Good Life Education website! 
My name is Khadeejah Anderson, I am an Educational Therapist, Teacher and registered service provider for the NDIS.
We strive to help children with special needs discover their strengths, support them to improve their skills and capabilities and motivate them to love to learn.
We work closely with our clients families to develop individual support plans that aim to achieve their NDIS goals.
Working one-on-one and in small groups, I create educational activities that are interesting and enjoyable and provide families with strategies and resources to work with at home.



In Safe Hands

Teacher and Student
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 Girl Painting with Brush

 The Good Life Approach

We follow the Best Practices Framework, the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and the NDIS Quality Safeguards Commission guidelines. We take an inclusive, holistic, and pragmatic approach to early childhood development and educational therapy. 

At Good Life, we focus on:
- Fine and Gross Motor Skills
- Communication and Speech
- Social Skills and Behaviour

- Self-Care and Emotional Well-being
- Physical Health
- Identity and Culture
- Relationships and Self Appreciation
- Community Participation 
- Motivation and Creativity
- Cognition and Problem-Solving

Learning activities include:

- Educational Games & Play 
- Arts & Crafts
- Literacy & Numeracy

- Role Play & Technology
- Outdoor and Indoor Activities and more
Learning Environment
Learning takes place everywhere, that’s why we deliver learning sessions in a
variety of places including:

- Our home base in Shepparton

- Online 
- In the homes of our participants
- At their schools 
- Outdoors and at social events etc

Good Life Education Services

- Early Childhood Supports - Educational Therapy
- Support Coordination
- Innovative Community Participation

So, if you have a child needing additional support and are registered with the NDIS, please give me a call on 0411 499 750 to see how we can best support you on your journey towards a better life. 

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting the Good Life Education website.
Khadeejah Anderson

Testamonials 2023

I would like to share with you the heartfelt feedback some of my wonderful participants have written. I thank them for their kind words and for allowing me to share their comments with you. I am grateful to be part of their lives.




Our daughter is showing confidence and positive attitude

We have seen tremendous improvement .....

Since commencing Good Life Education, our daughter is definitely shown a more confident and positive attitude towards learning. In the past, it has been difficult to motivate her to do any form of learning. Now, she will quite often enquire or initiate an activity. Now, she is less able to wait for someone to do something with her and will do it herself confidently and efficiently eg. Make herself a hot chocolate.

I believe our daughter is getting exactly what she needs at Good Life Education and she enjoys what she does with Khadeejah.

Mrs Jihan Martin Epping Vic.

I wanted to take the time to provide feedback for Khadeejah, who has been working with our daughter.

We have been truly impressed with her dedication, expertise and genuine care for our daughter. We have seen tremendous improvements in her confidence and academic performance. Additionally, Khadeejah has gone above and beyond by providing us with useful strategies and resources to support our daughter's learning at home. Overall, we are incredibly grateful for the impact Khadeejah has had on our daughter's education. Her expertise, dedication, and compassionate approach have transformed her.

Mr Usama Khalid, Shepparton Vic 


A Mother's Gratitude

"Sister Khadeejah we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. I'm really grateful for your support and your service, there aren't words to express what your support means. You have given my son and daughter the best possible encouragement and caring through their challenging, tough times. Ever since you've been with them you have always prioritised their needs

in your professional manner. I value and respect you for the support, service and guidance you provide to both my children. The work you do is important and so appreciated. May Allah reward you."

Fahima K


We have full trust in Khadeejah

My son's confidence and belief in himself has increased dramatically since he started having sessions with Khadeejah. He shares his thoughts and feelings with her and is comfortable and relaxed when he is with her. Khadeejah has helped him with his speech and English and his transition to school. She has helped us with everything. We trust her 100% and love her. Thank you Khadeejah.

Lailoma Anum Fawkner, Vic 

Creative Learning

Creative Learning

Educational Therapy is Personalised, One to One Learning.

Exploring Life

Exploring Life

Educational Therapy is Interactive Learning.

Play & Physical Activity

Play & Physical Activity

Educational Therapy Improves Well Being

Learning to Think

Learning to Think

About Literacy and Numeracy.

Summer Holiday Program

Summer Holiday Program

Activities during holiday time.

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