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Hello, Welcome to Good Life Education!
My name is Khadeejah Anderson, I am an Early Childhood Teacher and registered service provider for the NDIS and I own and manage Good Life Education. 
At Good Life, we work closely with our clients and families and prepare individual plans that suit their needs and achieve their NDIS goals. I am enthusiastic about helping children discover their strengths and motivate them to love to learn. Working one on one and in small groups, I teach children how to think creatively, problem solve and work independently.  I do this using engaging activities that are interesting and fun. 


Teacher and Student
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 Girl Painting with Brush
Children in Indoor Playground
Cooking Lesson





 The Good Life Approach

We follow the best practices framework and take a holistic, pragmatic approach focusing on:

Early Childhood Education and Intervention, Innovative Community Participation, Capacity Building and Daily Life Skills. 

The above key learning areas include:

- Communication and Social Skills

- Self-Care and Emotional Well-being

- Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health

- Identity and Culture

- Relationships and Self Appreciation

Literacy and Numeracy

- Community Participation 

- Motivation and Creativity

- Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Learning Activities 

              We incorporate a wide range of learning activities  including, but not limited to:

- Play 

- Exploring and Discovering

- Literacy & Numeracy

- Arts & Crafts

- Sports & Games

- Personal Care Activities

- Routines & Cooking 

- Outings & Gardening

- Role Play

- Technology



Learning Environment

Learning takes place everywhere, that’s why we deliver learning sessions in a variety of places including:

- Our home base in Shepparton

- Online 

- In the homes of our participants

- At their schools or workplaces

- In local shops, libraries, museums

- In parks and sports venues

- At functions and festivals!

The sky is the limit!


If you are interested in my services please give me a call on 0411 499 750.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting the Good Life Education website.

Khadeejah Anderson









Creative Learning

Creative Learning

Educational Therapy is Personalised, One to One Learning.

Exploring Life

Exploring Life

Educational Therapy is Interactive Learning.

Play & Physical Activity

Play & Physical Activity

Educational Therapy Improves Well Being

Learning to Think

Learning to Think

About Literacy and Numeracy.

Summer Holiday Program

Summer Holiday Program

January Fun Holiday Programs

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